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It is the name given to the tests used in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairment by measuring the hearing functions of the patient. In other words, all tests related to ear and hearing are called audiometry.

Why Are Audiometric Tests Applied?

Hearing loss may be caused by ear infections, general or hereditary diseases, various injuries, old age, as well as the lack of function in one or more of the following; external ear, middle ear, inner ear, hearing-related nerves, or of the central nervous system. However, problems related to hearing are easily solved with the help of technology.

Audiometric Examination

Early diagnosis is vital in the diagnosis and treatment process in the face of a problem of the above type. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful about a comprehensive examination and good treatment. In short, in audiometric treatments, the best service, the highest quality examination tools and a good hospital selection also play a big role in the process.

On the other hand, hearing loss of unknown origin is a common condition. The most important way to prevent gradual or sudden hearing loss is to have regular audiometry tests.

Audiometric Tests

In the hearing loss, determining the appropriate treatment after diagnosing its cause, the degree of damage, and the type of hearing loss, both facilitates the treatment and prevents the increase in hearing loss. These tests are:

Pure tone audiometry: These are the tests that help determine the minimum and maximum sound intensity that the ears able to hear. It advances interactively between the patient and the audiometry specialist, the audiometry specialist sends sound waves to the patient in a sound-isolated environment, and the patient presses the button in his hand if he hears these sounds. It gives information about the sound process starting from the auricle and ending in the brain with airway measurements. In bone conduction measurements, a process starting from the ear is controlled.

Tympanometry: Tympanometry, which means measuring with an instrument attached to the external ear canal, is used to measure middle ear pressure.

Stapes Reflex Measurement: The vibrations of the stapes, which we know as the stirrup bone, are realized through a probe attached to the ear thanks to this system.

Brainstem Response Audiometry: It is a system that measures the responses of the inner ear and brainstem against sound as electrical waves. The application and evaluation of this test, also known as BERA or ABR and providing comprehensive information about hearing, requires experience.

Why Should I Go to Audiometry Specialist?

Our hearing organ is exposed to sounds at different doses and different intensities during the day. Especially in busy city life, it would be beneficial to undergo a comprehensive audiometry check to understand hearing problems. We should not forget that early diagnosis is the primary factor in audiometric treatments.